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Chasing the Ace is a GMless, card-based storytelling game of mecha drama. In it, players take on the role of a mecha squadron lead by the legendary Ace. The Ace has led your squadron out of deadly situations more times than you can count. Together you've saved thousands of lives over the course of the war you find yourselves in. But the Ace has confided in you a secret: at midnight tonight, they are going to steal their mecha. They have not told you why, but they have asked you to join them. With you, they say, they stand a chance. You have until midnight to decide. 

Failure risks execution for treason. But do you even want to help them?

Chasing the Ace is a Descended From the Queen game for 3-5 players. To play it, you just need a deck of regular  playing cards and this book. It is a game of interpersonal drama set amidst a war between a paramilitary organization, its mecha pilots, and monstrous beings that threaten the world. Together, you will define the war, the Ace, and your characters over the course of play, until you are finally faced with your decision. Each session takes around an hour to play. 

Check out the demo file below, which lays out the full rules and setting premise.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Thank you for this great game ! The descended from the Queen label deserved a game of emo mecha, and Chasing the Ace is really brilliant